Jinre voor Selectief Mutisme

Jinre van der Veen

( Lid van team: YUM (Young Unilever Managers)  )

van totaal € 150 (53%)

Selective Mutism is a severe anxiety disorder which creates a total blockage to speak in social settings.

Due to Corona the hospital that treats children with this condition was unable to provide the right treatment to these vulnerable children. The doctor normally visited the children at their very own primary schools; however, due corona this was no longer possible. The doctors noticed the impact no treatment had on these kids and decided they had to find a solution. So, the Emma Children's Hospital came up with an idea: a revolutionary VR method that would make it possible to provide all children throughout the Netherlands the right treatment!

However, funding is needed for this treatment and as part of Unilever's purpose driven initiatives I am joining this Charity walk and need your help!

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