The Closing Message

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21-11-2020 | 14:16

 First of all, we want to thank everyone who has shown kindness to us over the last months. Before going on the journey, we did not know how things would turn out, only afterwards would we know this. It certainly was not easy always but then again, it also would not have been easy when we had stayed at home.

In the end it felt good for us to take the time, while the world around us would always keep on turning. To start coming to terms with the fact that we will be without Frederik for the rest of our lives. While talking about what had happened with people we met, they shared tragedies related to children they had experienced in their own lives. We realized how many people had been through these devastating events, even though this is not always visible in society.

Before we left I knew that even though the plan was ambitious, only an injury would prevent me from completing our goal. Most cycling injuries can be fully prevented, therefore I prepared as well as I could in the little time we had. While cycling I started feeling the front side of my knees, but simply slowing the pace solved this problem.

The most challenging parts of cycling were the beginning and the north of Spain. After exiting Spain, I realized that everything else would not be a problem anymore. Now that we are back, I see how enormous our journey has been that we have done together. The traffic was safe everywhere, with 2 notable exceptions of passes too close for comfort. The journey would not have been possible without all the efforts of Sina, who organized everything so that I could focus on the cycling.

We also want to thank everyone involved in the CEPRA research, who are working hard on turning our dream of a better future into a reality. We had many donations for the cause, people around us were struck by what happened and wanted to contribute to a solution.

A quote I had to think about a couple times during the journey:

"If you are going through Hell, keep going." - C.


All the best to all,

Sina, Wouter & Bismarck